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Our Journey

We are Santini 7®

Santini 7® is a Yorkshire based company established in late 2019. Focusing on quality, our range of HNGRY Whey Protein supplements are high protein, low calorie and are produced using minimal ingredients. Consumer feedback is that is tastes fantastic, mixes well and is great value for money. The ultimate aim with Santini 7® is to become a ‘globally trusted brand’.

Our Journey

The Journey Begins
santini7 registered

Today’s the day the journey began. July 19th 2o19 is the day Santini 7® becomes a registered company.

Santini 7® Brand & Social Media Launch
santini 7 angry dog brand launch

We are proud to announce the launch of our new Santini 7® and Angry Dog™ brands and social media channels. Watch out for further developments soon.

Angry Dog™ Whey Protein Supplement
angry dog launch

Our Angry Dog™ Whey Protein Supplement is now available to buy online and in Gyms & Wholesalers across Huddersfield

Santini 7® Sportswear
santini 7 sportswear

Our high performance Santini 7® Sportswear launches today. We can’t guarantee our tees and vests will give you results like our models Carl Lewis and Gemma Crowe but we’re pretty sure you’ll turn heads in the gym while wearing them.

Jake Hadley’s Supplements Sponsor
jake hadley sponsor

We are proud to announce that we are Jake Hadley’s Supplements Sponsor with our Angry Dog™️ Whey Protein Blend.

His list of achievements already speak for themselves:

  • Undefeated Professional MMA
  • EFC Worldwide Flyweight World Champion
  • Uncrowned WWFC Flyweight World Champion
  • 4x MMA British Champion
Huddersfield Town Associate
huddersfield town led

A Huddersfield Town associate and Onside Business Squad Member
LED Advertising for rest of 2020 Season and all 20/21

Staple Creation launch on our YouTube Channel
staple creations weekly Recipes & Nutrition show

Staple Creations, a weekly Recipes & Nutrition show in collaboration with Becks Lifts on our YouTube Channel

Huddersfield Town Women Football Club fuelled by Santini 7®
fuelling huddersfield town women's football club

Santini 7® are delighted to announce a partnership deal with Huddersfield Town Women for the upcoming 2020/21 season.

Our Angry Dog™ Whey Protein Supplement will be fuelling the push for promotion next season!

Ammari Diedrick- Nutritional Partner
ammari diedrick partner

We’re delighted to welcome Ammari Diedrick to Team Santini 7® as a Nutritional Partner.

Ammari is making a name for himself in the world of kickboxing, where his campaign to make his name a great one continues!

Fight record: 19-9-0 (5 KO)

Partnership with Talent United, supporters of Barnsley College
talent united tl

Santini 7® are delighted to announce a new partnership with Talent United proud supporters of Barnsley College. Barnsley College has great sporting facilities, staff, and of course, students. We’re very excited to support all the talented students in realising AND achieving their dreams.

Nutritional Partnership with Wakefield AFC
wakefield afc

Santini 7® are delighted to announce a Nutritional Partnership with Wakefield AFC for the upcoming 2020/21 season.

Partnership with Black Diamond Sports International
black diamond sports internatioal partnership

We are very proud and excited to announce a new Partnership Deal with Black Diamond Sports International.

The partnership will utilise the presence of BDS Int across the three continents and allow our amazing products to conquer not only the UK but the international nutritional market.

Santini 7®️ are thrilled and excited for the future – ‘We are not here just to take part!’