Santini 7® are delighted to announce a new partnership with Talent United proud supporters of Barnsley College

Barnsley College has great sporting facilities, staff, and of course, students. We’re very excited to support all the talented students in realising AND achieving their dreams.

Angry Dog™ Whey protein contains a complete set of amino acids, the ‘building block’ of muscles. It is especially rich in leucine which is one of the most essential amino acids for muscle growth. Our whey protein powders are suitable for athletes, cyclists, gym-goers, runners and anyone who likes to keep fit and stay healthy.

The own-brand products are produced locally using quality ingredients sourced from a professionally certified supplier. They are carefully tested in-house and clearly and accurately labelled. Our unique formula was created by our own fully qualified Nutritional Advisor. Our current products contain no more than five ingredients and they are free from fillers, additives and preservatives; they are also suitable for vegetarians.

Our research team is working on some exciting new products, watch this space!

Thank you to Jessica Widdowson and Lee Perks, we can’t wait to work with you all.