ammari diedrick nutritional partner

Nutritional Partner – Ammari Diedrick

We’re delighted to welcome Ammari Diedrick to Team Santini 7® as a Nutritional Partner.

Ammari is making a name for himself in the world of kickboxing, where his campaign to make his name a great one continues!

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one year on

One Year On…

Today we are celebrating the moment one year ago when the Santini 7® journey began. Here are a few words from our managing director:

“I actually cannot believe it is one year ago today that I had a vision whilst walking home. It just goes to show the impossible… is possible!

In only one year, we have accomplished things I used to dream about, and if I am totally honest I don’t even think we have even scratched the surface on what we are going to end up doing!”

Dominic Bohannan

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helpinghollyy angry dog review news

One of the nicest Protein Powders I’ve ever tasted.

A massive thank you to @helpinghollyy for her latest review on Instagram

This protein powder so good even honeys shocked (also yes he is missing a tooth).

Slightly off base for what i normally post but honestly i feel like this needs its own little post and also this gives me something to think about when i’m going stir crazy in the house.

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